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For my final project I wrote and illustrated a parable

based on the very old legend of a bird named Butimar.
Butimar keeps sitting by the water without drinking,

fearing that the water would disappear once it started drinking. So it grieves and remains there sad and

depressed, afraid of the unknown even though its fear is based on assumptions it can’t approve.
The same way Butimar projects its fear onto the water,

the same way people project their fears and mistrustfulness onto things that seem unfamiliar to them, onto the „other“. The book describes the process of projecting the own

fears, mistrustfulness and baseless assumptions onto the unknown and don’t grasp change as an option.
Fortunately there is Amal, the heroine of the story fighting against all the negativity and mistrustfulness of the people.

Amal is arabic and means hope.

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