Ink dots

“Our stories – a poster campaign about LGBT*IQ activists worldwide” is a collaboration I did with MSO inklusiv!

Since 2017 we expand the campaign every year by including more people who fight for LGBT*IQ rights in and for different countries and communities! The aim is to make Black, Sinte*zza, Rrom*nja and PoC LGBTIQ activists and movements which exists inside and outside of Europe more visible and honour their work. If you know people who should be part of this campaign please let us know and write us a pm or share!! We are happy to hear about everyone who is interested! Send your requests to or
Edwin Greve Deutschland Kosovo Aktivist Performer kämpft für Barrierefreiheit und Akzeptanz von Queeren Identitäten Elnathan John Nigeria Deutschland Anwalt, Schriftsteller, Satiriker beschäftigt sich mit Gender-Nonkonformismus Olumide Popoola Deutschland Nigeria UK Autorin, Dichterin, Performerin thematisiert LSBT*-Lebensrealitäten, Migration und Flucht Ankush Gupta Berlin India researcher, artivist, composer, poet, writer, performer, theater director, filmmaker, founder of Dhanak Shh...Diam! Queer tropical power punk from Malaysia! Weißer Pfeil Pinselstrich auf schwarz