Illustrator doing screenrpints, editorials, posters, graphic recording with glasses, rainbows, flowers and a crown Suchen Sie Illustrationen? Für Illustrationen und Grafik Design von EL BOUM einfach auf den Briefumschlag klicken! Illustratoren in Berlin für Editorials, illustrative Geschenke, Grafik Design unter Facebook EL BOUM Studio! For cool illustration updates, graphic work, screenprinting projects and work process, follow on Instagram el.boum! Looking for illustrative presents, cool postcards, political art? In EL BOUMS Shop many goodies and sweet drawings!
EL BOUM is the one-person creative studio by german-moroccan illustrator Jasmina El Bouamraoui, living in Berlin. Her illustrations play within a bright and bold color range, blocky shapes and textures. The time spent in screenprinting studios, as well as with queer and decolonial politics, are great influences of her work. The hand drawn work of EL BOUM has a fresh spirit to it and invites the viewer to question stereotypes of all kind.


Editorials | Book Illustrations
Posters | Package Design
Graphic Recording | Murals
Live Painting

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Google, Facebook, The Jarry Mag, Sir Kensingtons, Goethe Institut, FRIDA - The Young Feminist Fund, SMU – Schwules Museum Berlin, Girls Globe, Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg,, Other Nature, Deutschlandradio, TGEU - Transgender Europe, MRBB, LesMigras, Gladt.eV, Diversity Arts and Culture among others.


NO SELFIE THOUGHT, NO CULTURE   International Students Designers Poster Contest, 2017/03

EMBRACE   Taiwan Student International Design Competition
Honorable Mention Prize, Taipeh, Taiwan, 2015/12


NO SELFIE THOUGHT NO CULTURE   International Students Designers Poster Contest, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016/10

SHAPE   Weltformat Poster Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland, 2016/09

SHAPE   Blank Poster x NODA x Flip, Tromsø, Norway, 2016/06

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