Illustration von vier in die Luft springenden Personen mit CUNT T-Shirts Many portraitdrawings made for KLIRRRRR Festival Envelope and Email to illustration artist El BOUM Two queer penguins looking to different sides Logo Design in linoprint style for streetfood truck in Brasil Illustrated portrait of queer person with short hair, mustache and earings POC brown strong Woman visible in media A almond milk bottle, vegan cheese and vegan sausage Big transparent head with person diving in brain Strong angry person with piercings and tattoos in earthy colors Typographisches fettes A Hand holding the leave of a monstera plant in black and white Green yellow and blue colors popping out of box BND Zentrale Berlin transformed in acrylic painting Linocut art illustration of women with Hijab Linocut Art Illustration of man with black beanie A white diamond illustration with tears on it Neoregia Carolinae Plantillustration Pflanzenillustration Bromelie abstract screenprint with clouds and a fence A pink colorful ghettoblaster illustration Illustrated instagram icon